Our Menus: Dessert Menu

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Trio de Chocolate - Chocolate custard, Milk chocolate ice cream, Chocolate mousse, topped with banana brûlée and seasonal berries.          8       
Flan de queso de Cabra - Goat cheese flan with Cajeta ice cream and almond brittle.     7
Pudin de banana - Banana bread pudding served over dark Spanish chocolate sauce topped with house made vanilla bean ice cream.         7    
Churros con Chocolate - House made Cuban style doughnuts served with chocolate for dipping.         6

HELADO  (House Made Ice Cream)
Vanilla Bean.      2
Cajeta- Goat’s Milk dulce de leche.     2
Milk Chocolate.       2
Coconut.       2
Choice of three flavors       5

All of our Ice Cream is served with crushed Marcona Almonds, but can be removed upon request.

CAFÉ (Coffee)
Café con Leche- Espresso with steamed milk. Regular or decaf.     4                                  
Café Cubano- Single shot espresso. Regular or decaf.       2.50                      
Cortadito- Espresso with little steamed milk.       3
Americano- Regular or decaf.       2.25